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party bags Melbourne


Customised bags

Party bags are an essential part of birthday and even corporate events in Australia. It is a nice way to say ‘Thank you’ and share the special day with your friends and favourite people. 


To complete your party theme with exciting gifts to take home, we offer customised bags with unique fillers. 


From toddlers and little kids to teens and young adults, you get time lasting surprises without breaking your bank.


Our amazing party bags may include:

  • Crafts and drawing supplies

  • Eco-friendly gifts

  • Toys and little books

  • Girl treasures and cosmetics

  • Boy goodies and trophies

  • Gift vouchers and more

Customised party bags

We offer our best-seller acrylic party box to pack your goodies, or you may request customised party bags with participants name, the event date and personalised message.  


Your event planning is made easy and memorable with our party bags
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